Unmatched Passion For High Performance

Whether it is the oil in the engine or air in the passenger cabin, we have you covered and protected. By applying the latest filtration technology to all our filters, we are able to filter out the majority of the harmful contaminants in your car's oil, fuel, and air supply which in turn helps boost the overall performance of your car.

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Breathe in...breathe out...

All cars take in air from the environment in which we drive them. Proper filtering of dust, debris, and other contaminants in various types of environment is vital to the life and performance of your car's engine. With Hayashi & Rossi high performance air filters, the different types of small particles or abrasive particulate matter which are considered harmful are effectively filtered out before air enters the engine. Our philosophy has always been to generously feed an engine with unobstructed air by not 'over-filtering' or suffocating the engine which may result in loss of performance and efficiency. We stress that a proper balance is important to ensure both proper protection and free flowing of air are guaranteed as it is in our Hayashi & Rossi filters.

Air pollutants within the vehicle

According to various scientific studies that have shown drivers and passengers inside the car cabin are exposed to a significantly higher concentration of hazardous air toxics than pedestrians! A clogged or dirty cabin air filters can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the vehicle's air conditioning and heating performance, thus reducing airflow from the cabin vents as well as introduce allergens into the cabin air stream. Hayashi & Rossi cabin air filters are specifically designed to thoroughly clean the air entering the passenger cabin of a vehicle through the air conditioning & heating system, greatly reducing certain particulate and gaseous contaminants that are associated with health concerns such as influenza, pollens, asthma and many others. We are passoniate about letting our highly effecient cabin air filters do all the work so that your lungs don't have to.

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